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Blaine Carter, Oracle Corporation

Blaine Carter started programming in 1995. For most of his career, he has used Oracle tools to build applications. Blaine has worked with Oracle Forms and Oracle Reports and even created a framework to generate web applications using PL/SQL similar to Oracle Application Express. He has done a little Java, both inside and outside the database, and of course a whole bunch of SQL and PL/SQL.

Several years ago, Blaine got hooked on open source and went exploring. He wrote a tiny bit of Perl, explored using Solr and Elastic Search as a database for small projects, wrote even more Java, built a project with Ruby for a small autism center, and most recently got all excited about JavaScript.

His combined experience with Oracle Database and open source led him to a brand-new position at Oracle Corporation: Oracle Developer Advocate for Open Source. Blaine helps users figure out how to take full advantage of Oracle Database technologies from open-source tools and promotes the use of open source inside and outside of Oracle.

He is a firm believer in learning by doing, failing, and then sharing at