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Michael Potter, Oracle Corporation

Michael Potter works for Oracle Corporation as the director, information security systems for Global Information Security. He provides custom tools and applications for the group, with a focus on managing security-related tasks, both within his group and for other security related groups around Oracle. These tools and systems help the security teams do their work more efficiently and effectively. Michael also helps to build a bridge between information security and the wider Oracle corporate community.

Prior to joining information security, Michael worked in many different parts of Oracle, from pre-sales support, to premium onsite support, remote online support and customer monitoring, building enterprise manager plugins, then moved to internal facing roles managing Oracle's global financial system, rolling out and managing F5 BigIP load balancers Oracle-wide, implementing a central IDS, building an APEX app to manage and help eradicate virus infections world-wide, eventually moving into security and designing a centralised architecture to manage database auditing for Oracle hosted customers, using Audit Vault, Database Vault and TDE.

Michael was born in Leeds, England. Moved to Australia as a child, managed to lose his accent at 14. Went to University in Wollongong, started working for Oracle in 1994, left in 1995 to start a PhD whilst working at University of Wollongong (UOW). After realising the politics of academia, settled for a more practical life as a DBA. Left UOW early 1998 for a short stint at PriceWaterhouseCoopers before rejoining Oracle in later 1998 (with his original manager), where he has held multiple roles in various organisations ever since!