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Tom Petrus, iAdvise

Tom Petrus has been working with Oracle technology since 2007, when he started as a Forms developer. It was there that he picked up the ropes on SQL and PL/SQL over the course of about four years. He then had the opportunity to set his first steps in Application Express. A large project followed, which for the major part involved migrating Forms to Oracle Apex applications and further supporting different users and departments with new development or replacing other old applications.

Fast forward almost two years, and Tom's full-time project at Samsonite was at an end. He then joined iAdvise to continue working with Application Express. Since then, he has been able to keep expanding his knowledge in all the technologies associated with APEX: SQL, PL/SQL, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It is especially in JavaScript and its frameworks, such as jQuery, where he has taken an increasing interest. Tom shares his expertise on Stack Overflow, the OTN forums, and his blog.

jQuery Widgets in APEX