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Sabine Heimsath, its-people GmbH

Sabine Heimsath studied information science in Münster, Germany, where she discovered her love for spreadsheets, relational databases, and data modelling. After her diploma in 1999, she started her professional career with Oracle Consulting in Frankfurt. Working for several customers, she developed her skills in PL/SQL, Java, and WebDB. After another year doing product development, she decided she wanted to be in consulting again and became a freelancer with its-people GmbH. Since then, Sabine has done many projects in different industries, which are all centered around the Oracle Database, be it reporting, migrations, application development with APEX, or pure PL/SQL. SQL Developer has become one of her favorite tools.

She is a blogger, trainer, and speaker at different conferences such as DOAG, APEX Connect, and UKOUG, and she organizes the APEX Frankfurt Meetup. She is also a member of the DOAG Development Community and happens to be Germany's first female ACE associate.

Sabine loves Lego and fantasy literature.