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Stephen Smith, CampaignShortCuts

Stephen Smith is an experienced Oracle Application Express developer. He began creating Oracle web-based applications with Oracle Web DB and has followed the APEX journey from HTML DB to today’s APEX 5. He has 23 years of Oracle DB and technology experience beginning with Oracle 7 and 30 years in the technology industry with experience in software development, sales and marketing.

In 2012, Stephen took a volunteer application he had developed in the past and updated it with APEX to support a friend running for a local school board election.  The application proved successful and gave Stephen a new hobby in helping candidates win their elections with his APEX based volunteer and campaign application. He has continued to keep the system updated with new APEX functionality including email and VoIP integration, contact management, and mobile capabilities including recent publication in the Apple App Store as an iOS mobile application.

Stephen is also an alliance director for Product Lifecycle Management application sales with Oracle’s North America alliances and channels. Oracle provided Stephen with a release of invention agreement in 2012 and he has brought his volunteer campaign application set to market as CampaignShortCuts. Stephen has joined ODTUG in his capacity as a small business software vendor with the CampaignShortCuts application.  In the past at Oracle, Stephen has also worked as a technology sales consulting manager, director, and application sales rep. Prior to Oracle, Stephen worked at Data General and Ingres.

Stephen holds a BS in computer science from Texas A&M; University.