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Mike Killeen, Edgewater Ranzal

Mike Killeen is the senior vice president of technology and strategy for Edgewater Ranzal. Mike started with Ranzal in 1997 as an implementation consultant and has held a variety of technical and operational roles within the organization including managing the UK Division. As SVP of technology and strategy, he is responsible for the identification and execution of strategic initiatives that establish service offerings and business solutions which incorporate new technologies, products, and intellectual property. Additionally, he plays an important role in assisting strategic clients with multi-product solution architecture, organizational design, and process definition in order to help maximize the return on their Oracle investments. 

Mike is a recognized industry thought leader, Oracle ACE, and contributor to presenting at numerous conferences and user groups.  He serves as one of the Ranzal primary liaisons to Oracle product management providing feedback and guidance on product direction, enhancements, and features.